Earth ‘at risk of ecological breakdown’

The Earth is risking a major ecological breakdown that could eventually render it largely uninhabitable. This is one of the warnings contained in “Surviving the 21st Century” a powerful new book released recently by global science publisher Springer International. Our combined actions may be leading to “…a gross ecological breakdown that will strike humanity harder … Continue reading Earth ‘at risk of ecological breakdown’

‘Women must lead – if humanity is to survive’

Women must become leaders in government, business, religion and social institutions around the world – if humanity is to have a chance of surviving the growing threats it faces. Female leadership is one of the essential solutions to the ten huge existential risks which now overshadow civilisation, according to a powerful new book ‘Surviving the … Continue reading ‘Women must lead – if humanity is to survive’

Can humanity survive the 21st Century?

Our civilisation is facing the sternest challenge in the history of our species. It consists of ten huge, man-made threats, which are now combining to imperil our future. In "Surviving the 21st Century" (Springer International Publishing 2017) I explore these ten instersecting risks – ecological collapse, resource depletion, weapons of mass destruction, climate change, global … Continue reading Can humanity survive the 21st Century?