The nation state is on the skids…

The 21st Century is changing much about the world that humans take for granted. Among the more shocking possibilities is that it will sound the death-knell of  the nation-state as the main instrument of human self-governance. The nation state, established in the Americas and in Europe post-Napoleon, is now so firmly ingrained in our identities, … Continue reading The nation state is on the skids…

How food can end wars, repair climate and restore the Earth

War in the Ukraine – a country which feeds 400 million human beings – is exacerbating an already perilous state of world food insecurity. The Russian blockade has slashed Ukrainian grain exports by two thirds, triggering scarcities and food price rises around the world. Indeed, the cost of food globally is now the highest it … Continue reading How food can end wars, repair climate and restore the Earth

The Age of Deceit

Perhaps the deadliest pandemic ever to strike humanity is the plague of deliberate misinformation, mass delusion and unfounded beliefs which is engulfing 21st Century society. Whether generated by the fossil fuels lobby, certain media or other corporate interests, the anti-vaccine lobby, religious fanatics, politicians, ideological extremists, well-meaning simpletons or nutcase conspiracists, a global deluge of … Continue reading The Age of Deceit

The rise and rise of petrofascism

By Julian Cribb* A new world superpower is arising. One that is unelected, borderless, controls most governments and, increasingly, employs the familiar tools of repression and deception to attain its goals. In Australia, the US and Britain, young people calling for urgent climate action are being arrested and gaoled. Harsh new laws are being passed … Continue reading The rise and rise of petrofascism