3 thoughts on “Can human civilization survive?

  1. Thanks for your video Julian and your 21st Century book. Very true and informative ! Unfortunately many Men have been mostly making so many bad decisions along with complete corruption worldwide. I think it has been left too late for women to now come into control and be able to save all. I think your expectations maybe a bit too high as men are not yet ready to relinquish control and we are seriously running out of time. I wish I could be more positive but my faith in humans is very low these days and just getting lower. I really appreciate all you do to help fight for a better future. Cheers Lise


    • Thank you, Lise. It’s never too late… but I fear you are partly right. The issue, which most people do not realise, is that the confluence of existential threats is going to cost billions of lives. How many billions is not yet clear – but it is probably of the order of 50-90% of the human population. If women achieve control sooner, then the death toll will be smaller. Indeed, if women took control and decided to scrap nuclear weapons the toll might be much less than the above estimate. Yes, men are not ready to relinquish control, but women need to be ready to take it. The next major famine and nuclear conflict will be the wakeup call…


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